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Chelation Therapy
pronounced (key-lay-shun)


            Chelation therapy is a means of clearing the body of excess metals and minerals. It is traditionally administered through an IV infusion containing a synthetic amino acid called ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid (EDTA). EDTA is a known chelating agent-meaning that it binds to metal and mineral molecules. (For this reason, the treatment is often referred to as "EDTA chelation") The EDTA and the metal molecules are then excreted out of the body through the urine.

            First used in the 1940's for heavy metal toxicity, chelation therapy was approved by the FDA for lead poisoning and remains the conventional treatment of choice. But in the 1960's, some forward-thinking doctors theorized that EDTA chelation might work for other problems as well, like combating the buildup of plaque in the arteries.

Talk about bad timing

            About the time chelation was being suggested as a treatment for atherosclerosis, the first "successful" coronary bypass surgery was performed. The mainstream medical community embraced the bypass approach with fervor, and chelation was left in the dust.
            But a small group of physicians stuck with it. And although most mainstream doctors still recommend costly, dangerous, and terribly invasive surgery, the IV chelation approach has grown slowly but steadily over the last several decades. The American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM), a professional association that supports the use of chelation therapy, estimates that there were more than 800,000 IV chelation therapy sessions in the U.S. in 1997 alone.

How EDTA Chelation Works

            EDTA (Ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid), the active ingredient in Detoxamin, is a synthetic amino acid that has the ability to attach itself to metals and minerals, forming a particular kind of bond called a chelate. Heavier metals have a greater affinity for the EDTA and form stronger bonds. Early in its history, in the 40's and 50's, EDTA was found to be an effective treatment for lead toxicity and was approved by the FDA as a safe drug for that purpose. In many cases, patients who coincidentally had symptoms of heart disease, such as angina, improved while undergoing the lead toxicity treatment. Since that time, a number of studies have confirmed the effectiveness of chelation therapy for blood vessel disease, including improved blood flow to the heart, the legs and the brain. Experienced physicians and medical researchers have published them in reputable journals.
            Chelation comes from the Greek word "claw," meaning "to grab," which is exactly what EDTA does. When a molecule of EDTA travels through the bloodstream and gets near a toxic metal such as lead or mercury, it grabs the destructive particle and binds tightly with it, pulling it out of the membrane or body tissue it was embedded in.
            Since EDTA is an artificial amino acid, and since the body regards it as a foreign substance, the body eliminates the entire particle-the heavy particle coated with EDTA. The body can't tell that underneath the coating is some harmful material that it might be willing to keep even though it is harmful. Ultimately, both the EDTA and the toxic substance are delivered to the kidneys, which excrete them in the urine.

For more information, or to see if chelation therapy is right for you, please contact Dr. Ryan Ferchoff at 808-988-0800.

IV Therapies

Our physicians recognize the benefits of administering nutrients by infusing them directly into the bloodstream (intravenously). Intravenous (IV) therapy is exceptionally powerful because it circumvents the potential loss of potency due to possible breakdown in the GI tract and poor absorption of some orally administered nutrients.

In addition to EDTA chelation, we offer the following targeted IV therapies for the treatment of specific conditions:

Glutathione Therapy for Parkinson's Disease

Scientists still aren't sure what causes Parkinson's disease, a debilitating, progressive neurological disorder. They do know it develops when nerve cells that produce a chemical called dopamine become damaged and die.

Our physicians use a remarkable therapy called IV glutathione to help slow the process of nerve cell degeneration. Levels of glutathione, a naturally occurring brain-protecting antioxidant, are significantly decreased in Parkinson's patients, with the deficiency occurring in the portion of the brain where dopamine-generating neurons are concentrated.

For many Parkinson's patients, glutathione replenishment has proven to be an effective therapy for halting or even potentially reversing disability. In patients who respond to this therapy, the effects can be almost immediate and dramatic. Within an hour of treatment, patients often experience reduced rigidity, fewer tremors, and improved walking ability.

Infusions for Macular Degeneration, Cataracts, and Retinopathy

Deterioration of sight is one of the most common health problems of aging. Around age sixty, the likelihood of serious ocular disorders macular degeneration, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy accelerates.

Fortunately, these vision problems can be slowed and even reversed in many cases. Because free radical damage is a significant contributor to these problems, antioxidants have a strong protective effect. Over the past 15 years, several studies have shown that the risk of macular degeneration, retinopathy, and cataracts can be greatly reduced using antioxidant supplementation.

We offer specialized therapies to prevent, treat, and reverse vision loss. IV administration of high doses of antioxidants, fatty acids, carotenoids, amino acids, and minerals sometimes in conjunction with chelation therapy can dramatically enhance nutrient delivery and arrest degeneration of vision.

IV Magnesium for Heart Attack and Heart Failure

If you're ever rushed to the hospital with a heart attack, intravenous magnesium could save your life. In a 1995 study, researchers found that the in-hospital death rate of those receiving IV magnesium was one-fourth that of those who received standard treatment alone. In 2003, a follow-up study of these same patients revealed an enduring effect of magnesium treatment. Nearly twice as many patients in the standard treatment group had died compared to those who received magnesium, and there were considerably more cases of heart failure and impaired heart function in the placebo group. At the Natural Wellness Center, IV magnesium is standard therapy for patients with heart problems.

IV Magnesium for Arrhythmia, Asthma, Diabetes, and More

In addition to increasing survival after heart attack, IV magnesium also smoothes out arrhythmias and improves outcomes in patients undergoing angioplasty with stent placement. It is also beneficial for acute asthma attacks, often working to relax airway spasms when drugs do not. Magnesium supplementation is crucial for diabetics, too, because it improves insulin sensitivity, helps blood sugar control, and reduces risk of retinopathy.

The list goes on: Magnesium can also reduce the frequency and severity of migraine headaches, help prevent kidney stones, boost immune function, and protect DNA from carcinogens. Magnesium can even help you sleep. It not only relaxes the muscles, but it also increases the length of restorative slow-wave sleep.

Plaquex Therapy

Plaquex does just what its name suggests it reduces plaque deposits in arterial walls. But it isn't just for people with arterial blockages.

Plaquex is a combination of essential phospholipids (EPL) specially formulated for IV administration. Phospholipids are primary constituents of the membranes that surround each of our cells, protecting and controlling what enters them. Among the most essential phospholipids is phosphatidylcholine (PC), which is the backbone of Plaquex. As we age, our production of PC and other phospholipids falters, which has adverse effects throughout your body. Plaquex therapy replenishes your supply of these crucial building blocks, and has demonstrated the ability to:

  • Decrease plaque deposits in arteries
  • Improve exercise tolerance
  • Reduce angina attacks
  • Lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • Boost circulation
  • Increase male potency
  • Improve kidney function

Anyone with heart disease, diabetes, arterial blockages, sexual dysfunction, high cholesterol, or lipid problems can greatly benefit from Plaquex therapy.

Immune Enhancement

Your immune system is on constant guard to protect against viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. This system keeps you free of not only serious infections but also cancer and autoimmune disorders like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, in which the immune system attacks healthy cells. Unfortunately, the older we get, the harder we are hit by these immune-related conditions.

As with all disease, a number of nutrients play well-defined roles in the immune response, and chief among them are antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. For patients suffering from immune disorders or anyone who just needs an immune boost we offer immune drip therapy. Our unique IV cocktail contains high doses of B-complex vitamins along with vitamins C, E, beta-carotene, selenium, and zinc, all of which are vital for a healthy immune system.

Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia

The fatigue, pain, and depression from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia are real, and they have a cause. More importantly, help is available. At the Natural Wellness Center, we don't just treat the symptoms of these disorders we take a comprehensive approach that has the potential to reverse these conditions, alleviating pain, increasing energy, and boosting immunity.

People suffering with fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue are believed to have impaired cellular function particularly in the way muscle cells handle calcium and phosphate. This, in turn, stimulates painful contractions and muscle spasms. To address these problems, we prescribe a full regimen of therapies, including IV doses of B vitamins, magnesium, vitamin C, and other nutrients proven to boost energy, improve tissue repair, and relieve stress.

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