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Urine & Hair Mineral and Heavy Metal Analysis

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Our homes, work and environment are potential sources for toxic heavy metal exposure. Chemicals in our food, water, air, work equipment and cleaning products may be accumulating in our bodies and causing various neurological, digestive, cardiovascular and behavioral impairments. Depleted soils, inadequate diets, medications and chemical exposure all contribute to mineral deficiencies and health problems.

Hair mineral and heavy metal analysis can reveal the history of heavy metal exposure and mineral status. Unlike urine and blood, hair stores these elements. The follicles of growing hair are nourished with blood, blood that also carries and deposits minerals and potential heavy metals from the body. These elements are incorporated into the growing hair protein during keratinization, thus providing a sample that reflects element concentrations in other body tissues.

Hair analysis is a reliable means of determining toxic levels of the following: Lead, mercury, cadmium, aluminum, arsenic etc

Hair analysis is also provides ratios of the minerals in the body. Minerals, like hormones and neurotransmitters, must be balanced within the body. Too much of one mineral can deplete another. Therefore, hair analysis can indicate mineral imbalances from abnormal ratios of mineral levels.