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The Natural Wellness Center offers bio-identical hormone therapy, weight loss, nutrition, and detoxification services for women and men. This preventive medical approach is designed to help end the symptoms associated with menopause, andropause and hormonal imbalance.



What is Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)
Hormone Replacement Therapy, or HRT, is beneficial to both men and women. It is the process of replacing the hormones that your body needs to function optimally and which decline in all of us as we age. Natural Hormones are molecule by molecule exactly the same hormones present in the human body which can be replaced as your own hormones begin to decline. At Natural Wellness Center, your physician will assess your individual needs and work to restore these hormones during times when it is needed.

An Integrated Approach
Your Natural Wellness Center physician will also discuss the importance of a good nutrition, fitness and lifestyle in your journey to better health. These are equally important aspects of Hormone Replacement Therapy. Like a stop light - if your hormones are out of balance, your body will not respond optimally to improved nutrition and exercise. As your hormones, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle improve - you will find the results you have been working for.

Who needs Hormone Replacement Therapy?
Women looking to put an end to hot flashes, night sweats, memory loss, mood swings, weight gain and low libido are turning to Natural Wellness Center. These specialized physicians design individualized programs especially for each woman suffering from menopause, perimenopause and severe PMS.

Men who want to get a grip on weight gain, lost libido, fatigue, stress, energy, muscle mass and body fat are also finding solutions through Natural Wellness Center. For men, andropause (the male menopause) happens gradually and when diagnosed, its symptoms can be successfully treated.

Natural Wellness Center Offered Services:

  • Review of medical, family and personal lifestyle history
  • Saliva testing and/or blood laboratory analysis
  • Physical examination
  • Body fat testing, weight
  • Hormone balancing
  • Stress reduction plans
  • Nutritional planning
  • Detox/Cleansing programs
  • Ongoing evaluations

First, we will spend time going over a thorough personal, medical and family history during your initial consultation the physician will review these results with you and determine the next steps together.

To properly administer bioidentical hormones, your physician will take select saliva and/or blood lab tests. They will meet with you personally to discuss your symptoms, review your results and discuss the appropriate treatment to meet your individualized needs.

These services are offered by specialized physicians who order only the best in high-quality natural pharmaceuticals. They order only natural bioidentical hormones to restore your hormonal balance.

Itís that simple. What are you waiting for?

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